The Gulbenkian Prizes are given annually by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. They aim to recognise individuals or or non-profit organisations that have distinguished themselves due to their relevance and work. The prizes are categorised into four themes: Human Rights, Cohesion, Sustainability and Knowledge. 

This year, the Human Rights category focuses on issues related to refugees and thus the prize has been named, the Gulbenkian Prize on Defending Refugees’ Human Rights. The Human Rights category is international and awards a prize value of €100,000. The other prizes award the sum of €50,000 each.

In 2017, the Portuguese categories are focused on the following themes:

Wellbeing in ageing – Cohesion category

Reducing ecological footprint – Sustainability category

Promoting school success – Knowledge category

Applications are open until 31 May, 2017 and must be submitted online

For further information, refer to the Regulation of Gulbenkian Prizes or send an email to