Held on December 4-5 2017, the 8th edition of the Barilla International Forum took place in Milan. High on the agenda were discussions surrounding food security, climate change and migration, sustainable food systems at the national and urban level, and European agricultural reform. The forum gave a voice to new generations, involving young leaders from all over the world in two initiatives; the Food Sustainability Media Award for professional journalists and emerging talent in journalism, and the BCFNYES! contest designed to reward young researchers and projects focusing on food and sustainability.

Leading speakers from all over the world also discussed in-dept topics, presented during the event, and engaged the participants through working sessions, encouraging involvement! 

To learn more you can watch videos of the event or visit their webpage for more information regarding the agenda and the topics presented. 

You can also download their reports including two new publications detailing their most recent research – Food & Migration and Fixing Food: The Mediterranean Region

In looking to the future, their work continues with forums taking place on 6 June in Brussels, 28 September in New York and 27-28 November in Milan 2018. 

For more information about how you can get involved, please contact info@barillacfn.com.