Barrow Cadbury Trust is looking for a Director to lead and manage an exciting, collaborative, initiative to end the ‘poverty premium’ in 10 years.  The poverty premium is a term for people in poverty paying more for goods and services – such as energy, insurance, etc. – than those with higher incomes.

Fair by Design’s (FBD) bold ambition was conceived by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and Big Society Capital (BSC) working in partnership, and operates in collaboration with a range of partners including Barrow Cadbury Trust, which is leading and managing the FBD Change Programme, although in time consideration may be given to creating an independent entity.

Additional grant funding has been committed by Comic Relief, Big Lottery Fund and Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Deadline for applications 5 p.m. Tuesday 30 January

Find out more including how to apply by downloading the Q and As about the Fair by Design Programme