EFC member Bertelsmann Stiftung have released the latest edition of the Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI), a cross-national survey of 41 OECD and EU countries that analyses each country’s future viability based on a broad set of quantitative and qualitative indicators. 

More than 100 experts from around the globe contributed to the SGI study which measures sustainable governance across three pillars:

• the Policy Performance Index measures each country’s performance in sixteen individual policy areas along the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental policies).
• the Democracy Index assesses how each country compares with regard to the quality of democracy and the rule of law.
• the Governance Index examines how well-developed reform and governance capacities are within the countries.

The findings of the SGI show in brief that the quality of democracy in the OECD and EU has declined in recent years. At the same time, growing political polarisation has made the day-to-day work of government, and thus member states’ capacity to reform, more difficult. Many governments are now also less inclined to engage in broad-based consultation with societal actors during the planning phase of reforms and are experiencing a decline in communication abilities and implementation efficiency.

For the full report visit here.