As the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation celebrates the publication of their 10th Annual Letter in 2018, they answer ten tough questions that they are regularly faced with. Inviting anyone who is interested to get involved and propose their own questions, they will answer as honestly and forthrightly as they can, hoping to spread their optimism about the future! 

Despite the news headlines we see daily, they feel that the world getting better, especially in comparison to the way things were a decade ago. The world is healthier and safer, more children are attending schools and extreme poverty has declined by half in nearly 20 years! 

Being an optimist is not about know life used to be worse though, it is about knowing that life can be better and this is what they would like to portray to the world. 

From education, funding, climate change and politics, these straightforward questions cover a variety of topics: 

  • Why don’t you give more in the United States?
  • What do you have to show for the billions you’ve spent on U.S education? 
  • Why don’t you give money to fight climate change? 
  • Are you imposing your values on other cultures?
  • Does saving kid’s lives lead to overpopulation? 
  • How are President Trump’s policies affecting your foundation’s work? 
  • Why do you work with corporations? 
  • Is it fair that you have so much influence? 
  • What happens when the two of you disagree? 
  • Why are you really giving your money away – whats in it for you? 

You can see their replies, here! 

If you have something you would like to know you can also ask your own question! So get thinking and don’t miss this unique chance to get a direct answer from a foundation transforming the lives of communities around the world.