Earlier this month, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation introduced a new Grand Challenges initiative offering grant opportunities. In collaboration with the Misk Foundation, the Misk Grand Challenges has been launched.

The Misk Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic foundation, established by Saudi Arabias Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and this initiative aims to empower youth with both the skills they need to succeed in the knowledge economy, and with the abilities required to tackle the worlds most challenging problems. This initiative hopes to encourage a new generation of leaders who will transform local and global communities, creating a bright future. 

The challenges: 

  • To empower the youth and prepare them for success in the future knowledge economy
  • To prepare the youth to adapt and thrive in this uncertain future, and eventually solve these major societal issues, we need to help them develop new 21st century skills and competencies. 
  • Ensure every single child, regardless of where they live, receives a quality 21st century education.
  • Prepare the youth with a quality 21st century education will be difficult since the current school systems throughout the world are struggling to even achieve basic learning outcomes. 
  • Think beyond incremental improvements and completely transform schools

To do this they are looking for new innovative ideas that will transform teaching or leadership in schools in order to equip students with the 21st century skill needed today and in the future. This includes problem solving, leadership, creativity, and adaptability, require a new active, student-centred system for learning. What is needed is new ideas that may just be in an ideation stage or may have been tested in a small scale already, but require up to US$100,000 to demonstrate their theory of change and potential for impact. Proposals that are selected to receive an initial funding of US$100,000 and go on to demonstrate success will receive further funding to scale up and impact lives across the world.

For more information about this exciting new initiative please visit the website and see how you can make a difference.