The Giving Centre is a welcoming environment for anyone who shares the vision of giving for a better Greece. It was set up in December 2015 by the Bodossaki Foundation, one of the oldest charitable foundations in Greece. Its mission is to inspire, empower and enable people, stakeholders and business entities to contribute to Greece’s well-being.

A dedicated team of experienced professionals is now ready to reach out to potential donors – whether individuals, organisations or business entities – who have the ability and the will to help but do not know how and turn their vision, aspirations and ambitions and into concrete projects (donor-advised funds) in response to real social needs. In parallel, the Giving Centre has designed clearly defined and targeted ‘thematic funds’ linked to urgent and immediate needs in the field. All funding will be passed directly to the NGOs implementing the projects.

As its first thematic fund, the Bodossaki Foundation’s Giving Centre has announced the Fund for unaccompanied refugee children arriving in Greece.

For more information on the Giving Centre, please contact Xenia Papastavrou,

For more information on the thematic fund for unaccompanied children – refugees, please contact Sofia Kouvelaki,