EFC member GHR Foundation, in partnership with OpenIDEO, presents their second annual BridgeBuilder Challenge and invites non-profit and for-profit organisations to submit ideas that will help address the world’s pressing issues! 

BridgeBuilder invests in the building and repairing of new, unique bridges between people, organisations, issues and beliefs at the intersections of peace, prosperity and planet. Therefore,  they are seeking to support new and innovative projects that respond to needs in two or more of these areas, both in the United States and around the world.

Last year, the first BridgeBuilder Challenge collected more than 650 ideas from participants in 185 countries, all building bridges in unique and innovative ways. ​These were narrowed down to five top ideas, which each received a share of $1 million in funding, in addition to support from our experts.

Unlike most contests or open calls for funding, the BridgeBuilder Challenge offers applicants the opportunity to ‘sound ideas out,’ shaping and perfecting their ideas with support from experts and OpenIDEO’s community of innovators. Opportunities to connect with people working on similar issues around the world strengthen the ideas applicants present.


For more information please visit the website and see how you can get involved!