EFC member, Bertelsmann Stiftung, recently released their Transformation Index 2018 indicating what is behind the development of polarisation and repression increasing in the world today, seeing democracy coming under pressure. The Index shows what is behind this development and which countries have been affected the most. 

”The quality of democracy, market economy and democracy has fallen to its lowest level in twelve years on a worldwide average”

Since 2006, Bertelsmann Stiftung has been analysing political and economic developments in 129 developing and transformation countries with results showing that 40 governments have curtailed the rule of law over the past two years and 50 countries have seen restrictions on political freedoms. In addition, country leaders have addressed economic challenges insufficiently at the expense of the poor and marginalised, with many other countries unable to respond adequately to the growing social, ethnic and religious conflicts. 

Some proposed reasons for these poor results are identified, highlighting that many governments are not capable or motivated to react to social conflicts by engaging in dialogue and are looking for alternatives. It also sees that governments’ willingness to defuse conflicts has decreased in 58 countries since 2006. Once in power, many leaders curtail political liberties and right for their own gain and political power. This is seen especially in countries like Turkey and Hungary, despite having come to power from polarisation themselves.  

For more information please read the Press Release