A benchmarking tool for EFC members

Compass allows EFC members to share information on their own organisations by filling in a 10-minute online form, and instantly compare themselves to other members across these key dimensions:

Income and assets, both size and type ● Management and use of assets ● Governance and structure ● Behaviours and practices such as evaluation, learning, transparency, collaboration ● Relevance: Areas of focus and methods of change for the public good

How can benchmarking data help you?

Benchmarking data helps members:

  • Gain insights to inform strategy
  • Build evidence for strategic change
  • Connect with peers and identify potential partners
 It’s easy and fast
  • Takes only 10 minutes to fill in your profile
  • Fill in data for as many or as few items as you want
  • Compass gives you instant benchmarking data on each item as you fill in your profile
  • Come back to Compass anytime to continue adding data to your profile – all your previous input is saved
  • Any staff member from your organisation can pick up where you left off
How to fill in your profile and get instant benchmarking data
  1. Go to EFC Compass
  2. Click on the “Edit” button at the bottom of each item that you want to input data for
  3. Fill in the data for your own organisation
  4. To save your data, click on the “Back to overview” or “Previous question” buttons
  5. This brings you back to the main screen, and unlocks the benchmarking data on other members
  6. Keep filling in your profile, or take a break – Compass stores your data so you or a colleague can come back anytime to continue building your profile


What’s next for Compass?

Stay tuned! The next phase of Compass development will offer additional features and data.

Would you like to know more?

For more information on all aspects of Compass, feel free to get in touch with Lucia Patuzzi, lpatuzzi@efc.be