On 19 March ECCVAT (European Charities’ Committee on Value-Added Tax), where the EFC currently holds the Chair position, submitted its comments on the latest VAT proposal to the European Commission, having previously asked DG TAXUD to clarify some parts of the proposal.

While the proposal is in parts supportive of the maintenance of reduced and zero VAT rates that exist today for charities in Member States, it does not provide a solution for the irrevocable VAT costs that many charities bear across the EU. ECCVAT hence calls on the EC to provide for a fairer VAT for charities. The EC proposal will be discussed in the European Parliament’s ECON Committee as well as in the EESC. The Council has to adopt the proposal before it will be implemented in the Member States.

Please find the ECCVAT comments here, which have been uploaded on the Commission’s web page. 

For more information please contact Hanna Surmatz at hsurmatz@efc.be