The EFC Arts and Culture thematic network meeting in Amsterdam, on the 20th September, looked to delve into what solutions arts and culture can bring for today’s societal challenges and was jointly hosted by the European Cultural Foundation and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

The meeting offered participants the chance to deepen their knowledge around initiatives of social innovation in the arts and culture, exchange and connect with experts and peers in the room, and inspire and get inspired by others. The meeting tried to elicit an answer to the following questions:

  • what solutions can arts and culture offer for today’s societal challenges?
  • how audience development can become social innovation?

The meeting saw, alongside deep discussions and debates, presentations of various arts and cultural initiatives such as Fonds Z.O.Z: Culture to prevent radicalization, by Annemiek Geel, Place a l’Art, a participatory art project in Marseille by Sam Khebizi and Displaced in Media, a project on media activism, led by the European Cultural Foundation. These discussions and presentations offered just as many questions as answers, but some key lessons were to emerge throughout the day, namely that time and patience are a key necessity to fostering these initiatives and ensuring their success in the long term.

To read the full report on the days key findings and an overview of the event itself: Arts and Culture report.