EFC Chief Executive Gerry Salole was among invited guests to speak at yesterday’s plenary session welcoming Luca Jahier as the new President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). In his remarks, Gerry Salole described Mr. Jahier as someone who is “unflinching, courageous, fun-loving, politically astute… and most of all in possession of a calibrated moral compass at a time when Europe needs a moral compass.”

As a long standing partner of the EESC Civil Society Liaison Group, representing European institutional philanthropy, the EFC is delighted that the new President comes from Group III – a first for our sector. In his speech, Gerry Salole urged making the most of this opportunity to work closely with the EESC on creating a single, common market for philanthropy.

“It’s absurd that we don’t have a single, common market for philanthropy and I hope that Luca and the EESC can help achieve that.” – Gerry Salole

Gerry Salole also expressed his desire for support from the EESC in terms of the shrinking space for civil society, and warned of the dangers of the EU not increasing the diversity of its representation with people from minority and migrant backgrounds in recalibrating the European project.

Momentum building for a Single Market for Philanthropy

On 27 and 28 March 2018, 3 EFC members and 11 DAFNE members, representing 10 European countries, gathered to meet 14 Members of the European Parliament, 6 Permanent Representations of Member States, the European Commission’s think tank EPSC and the European Economic and Social Committee.

The outcome of these meetings were successful with the key elements of the recently developed EFC/DAFNE advocacy agenda calling for a ‘Single Market for Philanthropy’ having been successfully discussed and allies for future collaboration with the four institutions have been identified.

A detailed report and links to the latest EFC/DAFNE policy resources will follow shortly.

For more information please contact Hanna Surmatz at hsurmatz@efc.be