The World Urban Forum will take place in Kuala Lumpur from 7-13 February  and EFC’s Funders’ Forum of Sustainable Cities will be present and participating. The World Urban Forum will be focused on the implementation and monitoring of the New Urban Agenda since its adoption in 2016, and a number of sessions and activities will take place with EFC’s involvement.

As Co-Chairs of the General Assembly of Partners and the Partner Constituent Group of Foundations and Philanthropies, the EFC and our member Fundacion Avina will be heavily involved in a number of activities during the WUF, including the GAP Plenary on 8 February. 

In addition, EFC member Ford Foundation are organising a session titled ‘Supporting Civil Society to Achieve SDG 11 & the New Urban Agenda: What is Philanthropy’s Role?’ where EFC and our Latin-American member Fundacion Avina will be breaking down the myths associated with philanthropy and how the sector can best support civil society in the New Urban Agenda. This will take place on 10 Saturday at 14.00.

EFC will also take part in the Stakeholder Roundtable for Foundations and Philanthropies taking place on Sunday 11 February at 14.30. Together with UN-Habitat, 100 Resilient Cities, the Victor Pineda Foundation / World Enabled, Health Bridge and EFC members Realdania, Ford Foundation and Fundacion Avina, this session will take stock of the last two years of implementation, what lessons have been learned and what gaps can philanthropy fill moving forward.

On the final day of WUF, EFC will be organising a networking event together with our members Realdania, Ford Foundation and Fundacion Avina titled ‘Maximising philanthropy’s convening power to implement and monitor the NUA’. We will be hearing how Jesper Nygard (Realdania), Fernando Rueda (Avina) and Jacqueline Burton (Ford) are implementing the New Urban Agenda and encouraging some more in-depth conversation. The International Federation of Housing and Planning’s Morten Nielsengwill also be sharing their experiences with philanthropy.

If you would like to know more about the FFSC or our involvement at WUF, please contact Jennifer Fitzsimons on