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As part of the EFC’s most recent thematic network focusing on Arts and Culture, this newly developed survey asks what funders’ are doing in the field of arts and culture, and looks to identify foundations who fund, support, advocate and partner in initiatives to advance arts and culture in Europe. 

Arts and culture are among the most funded areas  by the EFC, highlighting the increasing role of philanthropy in this area. As governments have cut their budgets, the role philanthropy plays has grown in importance, especially as their focus is also using arts and culture to address social challenges. 

This sector is complex, and it is not uncommon to meet difficulty in identifying opportunities that will have a positive impact on society. As such, this survey presents the opportunity to highlight the evolving role philanthropy plays in society today. 

By taking part in this survey, contributions will help to portray a detailed picture of the work the institutional philanthropy sector undertakes in the area of arts and culture, pinpointing emerging issues and identifying practices to advance and encourage cultural participation. 

So far, we have received a good number of replies that represent a decent sample of our membership, but in order to be more meaningful and be able to give a more detailed picture we hope to gather far more contributions.

Download a short infographic to give you a taste of what we have discovered so far.

As such the EFC invites those interested to complete the survey here  

You can also download and view the full survey: Arts and Culture at Core of Philanthropy

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