In her capacity as EFC Policy and Programmes Director, Maria Orejas has been appointed to the European Commission Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises. The group is a newly formed venture with a mandate to: 

  • examine the progress of measures envisaged in the communication on the start-up and scale-up initiative 
  • advise the Commission on policy measures to strengthen the social economy and 
    social enterprises ecosystem in EU countries and in the international arena
  • raise awareness at the national level of EU level actions and exchanges of practices from other EU countries

The group consists of experts from a multitude of organisations such as:

  • social enterprises organisations
  • associations representing social economy and social enterprises interests
  • organisations involved in social financing and impact investment
  • trade unions
  • universities, research institutes or law firms active in the field of social economy and social enterprise development

EFC has long been active in the field of social economy and social enterprise, being a founding member of Social Economy Europe, a leading voice in the sector, and as such are well positioned through Ms Orejas to aid the newly formed expert group.