The upcoming Research Forum Conference will be hosted by Volkswagen Stiftung in Hanover on 17-18 October 2018, exploring the importance of international collaboration in the field of research. 

International collaboration can add significant value, from achieving more impactful research and nurturing international partnerships to addressing common problems and building capacity within the research sector. However, these opportunities – and their attendant challenges – are set against a changing international research environment. Increasing competition for resources, reactions to complex global issues, and the backlash against globalisation have brought more inward-looking policies in many parts of the world. In this context, conference participants will explore the role of philanthropy in enabling more effective partnerships, pinpointing the added value of international collaboration, and debating what needs to change to allow collaborative research to thrive.

The conference will have a number of panels, keynotes and workshops over the course of the 2 days. As such, we would like to invite you to propose ideas for a workshop during the conference that relates to aspects of international collaboration. The objectives of the workshops is to provide an interactive space for participants to share their own experiences and ask their own questions. What topics would you like to have on the agenda of the conference? Are there any discussions that you think are missing from conference agendas? This is your opportunity to shape the content of this conference.

Workshops that have been decided on so far include:

  • Making it work, together: A workshop identifying best practice in international collaboration
  • Changing horizons: finding focus in new regions: A workshop on establishing your work in a new region and how to proceed?
  • Making an impact with collaboration: A workshop to explore how to document the effects of international collaboration  

We are delighted to invite all interested participants to provide an idea for a workshop with a short description parapgrah. We would be grateful if you could indicate if you are willing to facilitate such as workshop. The length of workshops are 1h15. We would encourage anyone interested in proposing an idea to send it by  16 March.

Should you have questions about any of these events, please contact jennifer at