From 28-29 June the EFC welcomed a delegation of philanthropic leaders from China to Philanthropy House in Brussels as part of Stiftung Mercator’s international exchange programme. The visit included rich discussions with members of the delegation, representatives from European philanthropic organisations, the EFC, EVPA and the China Foundation Forum.

This is the fourth year that the EFC has hosted philanthropic leaders from China as part of a broader study trip that aims to share knowledge on the philanthropic landscape and models and forms of philanthropy and foster cooperation.

A wide variety of issues included: the landscape of philanthropy in Europe and China; different models of operations and collaboration; and the characteristics, practices, role and relevance of institutional philanthropy in society.

Although there may be some variation in opinion and outlook between philanthropy in China and Europe, the exchange once again showed that the commonalities between the two regions far outweigh the differences.

The EFC’s peer learning programme, Philanthropic Leadership Platform − China-Europe, launched in 2016, is also a stepping stone towards sharing knowledge, expertise and building greater connections between the two regions.

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