EFC Member the European Cultural Foundation has joined the #togetherwespeak campaign and is encouraging others to take part in the next blackout from 16-18 November. 

The campaign has been created in response to the current global context, in which people around the world are facing increasing attacks on their basic freedoms, and a culture of division is causing many of us to turn against each other.

Specifically, it seeks to raise awareness, break down barriers, and build global solidarity.

In 2017, the campaign culminated in 4 days of global action from 22-25 September, demonstrating the hope and power that comes when ordinary citizens unite across borders and speak as one.

232 events were held in 65 countries, with almost 50,000 attendees, and an online reach of more than 7.5 million.

Silent protests were organised from Indonesia to Macedonia, the hashtag #TogetherWeSpeak was the trend from the Netherlands to Uganda, and songs of freedom and resistance rang out from Tunisia to Venezuela.

In 2018, the campaign will seek to address the issue of increasing social and political polarisation. From 16-18 November, events around the world will bring people together across lines of division and help to build connection and understanding.

The campaign has been developed by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, as part of the Civic Space Initiative. 

Key partners include a range of global organisations, as well as regional, national and local groups from Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America.

For a full list of partner organisations click here.