EFC member Fondazione CON IL SUD have recently announced ten new projects surrounding migration exploitation. These new initiatives come following the ‘Immigration call for proposals’ released by the foundations in support of labour integration and the fight against trafficking and sexual exploitation of migrants in the southern regions of Italy (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia, and Sicily). 

These new initiatives, supported with a total of 3.5 million euros involve, 109 organisations including associations, social cooperatives, consortia, public and ecclesiastical entities, voluntary organisations, and foundations. Out of the ten selected projects, two will be dedicated to the fight against sex trafficking by supporting 500 survivors of trafficking and the other eight will focus on social and labour integration of migrants, fostering employment of approximately 200 people in either already established or in newly established social enterprises. Over 1000 migrants will participate in job orientation activities, and a number of them will have the opportunity to carry out traineeships in various companies. 

For more information about the initiative and selected projects you can read more on their website

You can also read more about ‘Immigration and Work in Italy’ in the Fondazione CON IL SUD magazine online.