This year has seen George Soros and the Open Society Foundations come under fire in Hungary. With an increasing number of allegations, Soros has decided to speak out and has decided to take a public stand against the so-called “national consultation” survey, which the the Hungarian government mailed to all eight million eligible Hungarian voters purporting to solicit their opinions about a so-called “Soros Plan.” The statements in the national consultation contain distortions and lies that deliberately mislead Hungarians about Soros’s views on migrants and refugees. Hungarian government officials also falsely claim that Soros is somehow controlling the European Union decision-making process.

As a response to this George Soros, along with Global Board members and Open Society Foundation colleagues have decided that it is time to speak out. Through written articles, interviews, social media and various other content the plan is to set the record straight.  These efforts will build on their ongoing work to highlight positive contributions that they are making not only in Hungary, but across Europe

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