The recording from the 17 October webinar on ”How philanthropy can engage with FATF in shaping counter-terrorism and money laundering policies” with the EFC, Global NPO Coalition and WINGS is now online and available to all.

These organisations have co-organised this webinar to inform the wider philanthropy sector about latest FATF counter-terrorism policy and to encourage more engagement of philanthropic infrastructure in this area at both national and international levels. The EFC, who holds a seat at the annual FATF Private Sector Consultative Forum on behalf of the wider philanthropy sector, moderated the webinar and gave an update on current issues on the agenda. The EFC is also an active member of the core group of the wider NPO coalition, which closely engages with FATF and other policymakers around ensuring that counter-terrorism financing policy is implemented with a risk based approach and does not unduly restrict our sector.

The co-chairs of the NPO coalition on FATF (US Charity Security Network and Human Security Collective) talked about latest engagement with FATF and with G20 around bank de-risking. ECNL, also a member of the core group of the NPO coalition gave clear recommendations on how the NPO/philanthropy sector can engage during the FATF evaluation process. It was stressed that philanthropic actors should liaise with the wider NPO sector and should engage with their governments both on national risk assessments (governments are assessing the risk of (parts) of the NPO sector to be abused for terrorism financing) and in country evaluations (evaluators are assessing how well governments have implemented the FATF policy). Experiences from the Czech Republic and Germany about national level engagement of the NPO/Philanthropy sector were also presented.  

For more information please contact Hanna Surmatz.