The EFC, in partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, is undertaking a new research project on its members working internationally. By this, we mean members who actively work in or seek to have an impact in more than one country, or on an international scale.

The survey is available here and we would be grateful if you could complete it by Wednesday 11 July.

Our members’ mission objectives range from the very specific to the broadly general. Some are concerned with issues that have ostensibly local and national impact but yet are global in nature. As part of its mandate as the platform for and champion of institutional philanthropy, the EFC facilitates connections between philanthropic organisations with common interests. Our members take in the full spectrum of those operating within a single country or region, to those who collaborate with others on cross-border issues, to those who make grants or operate in multiple countries around the world.

We want to gain deeper understanding of changing perspectives on international work, as a result of Brexit for example, and the different ways in which our members operate – including where sub-offices exist and how they contribute to achieving their mission or programmatic objectives. At this stage, we are surveying a wide range of our members. This will be followed by in-depth interviews with a sample of respondents chosen to reflect the widest variety of practices, to understand what works for them, as well as why and how.

The project will hence improve EFC’s understanding of philanthropic practices and trends more widely, serve as a useful resource for EFC members with ambitions of working internationally, and providing best practices for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Thank you for taking part and helping us achieve these insights!