EFC Chief Executive Gerry Salole (10 July) and Enabling Environment Manager Hanna Surmatz (11 July) are speaking at sessions at the 13th international ISTR (International Society for Third Sector Research) conference in Amsterdam from 10-13 July.

As charitable giving and philanthropy are being more widely recognised by countries as essential elements of the public process, there is greater pressure for measurement and classification schemes that provide a more accurate view of both individual and institutional philanthropy.

As notions of giving and philanthropy have expanded through technological innovations as well as shifts in perspectives on the role of private contributions to public goods, there are more pathways for philanthropy emerging that are not being sufficiently accounted in official statistics of philanthropy. Although there are sophisticated counts and annual metrics of how much individuals give to charitable organisations and how much foundations have distributed through grants, this focus on the distribution of some types of philanthropy perpetuates bias about “what counts” in charitable giving and has led to a narrow view of the sector.

In this roundtable, the focus will be on gathering peer organisations from the US, Belgium, China, India, Brazil and Dubai to engage in a thoughtful and engaging conversation about efforts to improve the measurement and classification of philanthropy in these countries, our roles and priorities, barriers we face, and what we can learn from one another. The roundtable would offer a unique opportunity for cross-country peer learning and will engage audience members to make contributions around innovative methods, tools and designs that could be useful to improving practice in these varied country contexts.

Gerry Salole will be speaking at a panel session from 14.00-15.30 on 10 July about diversity and the EFC’s Institutional Philanthropy Spectrum.

Hanna Surmatz will be speaking at the sessions ‘Minimum Legal Norms for Optimum Conditions in Civil Society?’, ‘Making the Most out of Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving’ at 11.00 and 14.00 respectively on 11 July.

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