EFC member, King Baudouin Foundation, has released interesting and exciting data about their movements in 2017! 

The foundation has developed a large number of activities thanks to many partners and doners, with whom they collaborate to build a better world. 

A few key figures include:

  • € 44,064,387 in support provided to 273 individuals and 2,286 organisations
  • 2,602 experts in our independent juries and committees
  • 63 publications, 49,500 distributed, 59,000 publications viewed on their website.
  • 54 events
  • 70 partnerships and missions for government bodies
  • 685 active Funds set up by individuals and companies

These figures result from their work in a diverse range of areas including: 

  • Poverty
  • Health
  • Philanthropy
  • Democracy
  • European intergration
  • Heritage 

You can find more information, figures and stories in their annual magazine or activity report

You can also watch a two minute video that fills you in on who they are and what they aim to do!