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The EFC launched its third environmental funding mapping, representing the most comprehensive study to date into the state of European independent funding for environmental issues. 

The 75 foundations covered in the study provided 2,913 environmental grants, amounting to €479.1 million in 2014.

“Biodiversity & species preservation” received the most funding, accounting for 23.5% of grants by value. When combined with “Terrestrial ecosystems & land use” (18.6%) these two “natural environment” categories together account for more than 42% of the value of all grants given (€201.5 million). Tackling climate change however received funding of €94.8 million in comparison and represents and 18% decrease between 2011 and 2014.  The mapping also notes that European environmental foundations are missing important opportunities to try to shape the policy agenda with the EU institutions. That’s why a key priority within the EFC’s new Strategic Framework is to amplify the voice of the sector in relation to the policy agendas that matter to our members, with environment a clear example.

The 2016 edition builds on earlier reports by the EFC’s European Environmental Funders Group, expanding on the number of foundations being studied and the total value of environmental grants being coded. As with the previous editions, the mapping is intended to raise the profile of environmental funders, build understanding of the sector, improve coordination, and provide analysis that informs discussion of effectiveness in environmental grantmaking.

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