The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has released its latest publication, The Future of Food: Seeds of Resilience, A Compendium of Perspectives on Agricultural Biodiversity from Around the World.

Composed of over 20 philanthropic foundations, including EFC members Agropolis Fondation, Oak Foundation, Fondazione Cariplo and KR Foundation, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food collaborates on ways in which to strategically leverage resources and knowledge, develop frameworks and pathways for change, and push the agenda for more sustainable food and agriculture systems globally.

The recently published compendium delves into a wide range of issues that face community based seed systems. The threats to, and factors affecting, the preservation and maintenance of seed biodiversity is discussed in depth, as is the need to protect and enhance community based seed systems. Social institutions, socio-economic factors and good policy practice that relate to the wider sphere of biodiversity are also analysed. Additionally, the publication highlights key actors and future recommendations for strengthening community based efforts.