A new programme released by EFC member, Mondelēz International Foundation, aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in ten participating countries worldwide. Aiming to address obesity, the programmes will bring nutrition education, activities and fresh foods to vulnerable families. 

As part of new public-private partnerships in Argentina, Australia, Egypt, France, Nigeria, Russia and Ukraine the Foundation is committing $50million to address these global issues. 

New programmes alongside renewed ones in the United States, China and India will reach an estimated 365,000 families over the next three years and will join partnerships currently underway in Brazil, Germany, Mexico and South Africa focusing on schools and communities that encourage lifelong healthy habits. 

The next three years will see the Foundation and its partners aim to inspire these schools and communities to reach children and get involved in innovative ways, with the community programmes supporting the Foundations Impact For Growth commitment which is focused on four key areas where they can make the greatest impact on people and the planet: community, sustainability, well being snacks and safety. 

To learn more about the foundation, its partners and the programme you can read their press release, check out some facts, and watch their video