‘At the Intersection of Security and Regulation: Understanding the Drivers of De-risking and the Impact on Civil Society Organisations’ is a new research report, undertaken by Human Security Collective (HSC) and the European Center for Non-for-Profit Law (ECNL).

Non-profit organisations around the world are impacted by difficulties surrounding access to finances including delays in cash transfers, onerous due-diligence requirements, inability to open bank accounts and arbitrary closure of bank accounts. These are all collectively classed as ‘de-risking activities’ by financial institutions.

This study examines the drivers of this de-risking, situating it at the intersection of frameworks for security and regulation. It looks at how global regulations on money laundering and terrorism financing, for instance, permeate policy-making, influencing institutions, governments, regulators and international organisations. 

Focusing on three countries, Brazil, Mexico and Ireland, highlights the complexity of the issue and the potential for solutions.  

You can read the report online or download the following PDF for more information: Understand-the-Drivers-of-De-risking-and-the-Impact-on-Civil-Society-Organisations