The OECD has decided to set up a Centre on Philanthropy to help contribute to the global demand for more and better data on global philanthropy for development. Recognising that private funding for development is increasing in a sector that remains relatively unknown, the centre will aim to bring together efforts from existing research  and projects, and provide analysis and impact of philanthropy in the context of the 2030 Agenda. 

It will focus on two main streams of work: 

  • Collection and analysis of comparable data on philanthropy – in 2016-2017 the OECD undertook a survey of global philanthropy to complement existing data on financing for development, resulting in over 140 foundations worldwide providing qualitative and quantitative data. In looking to  expand its database by reaching out to more philanthropic organisations across regions as well as to individuals the aim is to apply a statistical methodological in comparing philanthropic flows with official developments assistance, or direct foreign investment. 
  • Research and analysis on global trends and impact of philanthropy for development – the Centre on Philanthropy will provide state of the art analysis on global philanthropy in the context of the 2030 Agenda and will provide key access to resources including definitions, research and measurement impact by bringing together stakeholders, research centres and current research to facilitate further activity. There will also be further research into initiatives and their impact to see ‘what works’ to provide guidance and direction for better results and value. 

Watch their video or download the report for more information!