The Open Society Public Health Program and the Early Childhood Program are looking to support community-based organisations that use elements of the Nurturing Care Concept in their policy models. The aim is to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes, eliminate racial disparities in infant mortality, reduce low birth weight and preterm births, reduce maternal depression, and address the social determinants that affect Roma maternal and child health.

OSF is looking for inspiring examples of collaborations across sectors designed to improve the health of Roma children and mothers in CEE countries with high Roma population, including but not limited to Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia. OSF is looking for collaborations across sectors, whether longer term or more recently established, that have achieved success judged according to different dimensions relevant to women’s and children’s health, such as the efficiency, effectiveness, or sustainability of the collaboration, as well as ideas to set up new collaborations. 

Visit the OSF website for more information on how to apply