Philanthropy Scrum: DAFNE, EFC and EVPA to explore solutions with policymakers to grow the space for philanthropy across Europe

    The philanthropy sector and policymakers will gather on 28 May in Brussels for the first-ever “Philanthropy Scrum”, a high-level exchange focusing on identifying the challenges for philanthropy across Europe and co-creating solutions for a single market for philanthropy.

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    2018 PeaceNexus Call for Proposals

    EFC member, the PeaceNexus Foundation is now accepting applications from non-governmental and non-profit organisations who are interested in their tailored capacity building support.  

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    Tell us what you are doing in the field of arts and culture!

    As part of the EFC’s most recent thematic network focusing on Arts and Culture, this newly developed survey asks what funders’ are doing in the field of arts and culture, and looks to identify foundations who fund, support, advocate and partner in initiatives to advance arts and culture in Europe. 

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    Press Release: EFC 2018 Conference: Culture Matters: connecting citizens, uniting communities

    Have you ever wondered how the arts survive in times of crisis? How culture can shake up, energise and connect communities?  How heritage can help engage and empower citizens to shape the future?  Over 500 philanthropy professionals will tackle these and other important questions in Brussels on 29-31 May, at the European Foundation Centre’s conference “Culture Matters: connecting citizens, uniting communities”.

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    King Baudouin Foundation releases key figures of 2017

    EFC member, King Baudouin Foundation, has released interesting and exciting data about their movements in 2017! 

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    Fondazione CON IL SUD announces ten projects fighting migrant exploitation

    EFC member Fondazione CON IL SUD have recently announced ten new projects surrounding migration exploitation. These new initiatives come following the ‘Immigration call for proposals’ released by the foundations in support of labour integration and the fight against trafficking and sexual exploitation of migrants in the southern regions of Italy (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia, and Sicily). 

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    Stavros Niarchos Foundation receives RIBA award for inspirational design and architecture

    EFC member Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) has received the international prize for architecture, RIBA Awards for International Excellence 2018, from the Royal Institute of British Architects. 

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    Take part in the EFC mapping of environmental funding by European foundations

    The EFC European Environmental Funders Group has launched the data gathering for the 4th edition of its mapping of environmental funding by European foundations. This multi-year mapping is the most comprehensive study to date on the support for environmental initiatives provided by European foundations.

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    How Community Philanthropy shifts power: What donors can do to help make that happen

    While slogans like “think globally, act locally” have been around for decades, so much decision making about philanthropy and development aid still happens by stakeholders outside of affected communities. This GrantCraft Leadership Series paper by Jenny Hodgson and Anna Pond focuses on how funders around the globe are challenging this norm by sharing and shifting power into the hands of local leadership. It explores examples, advice, and the driving questions for donors interested in producing people-owned changes, without losing sight of their institutional interests.

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    2018 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Programme – Call for Applicants

    The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society presents a leadership development opportunity to support the next generation of community philanthropy leaders as they explore new avenues to strengthen grantmaking capacity in their home countries.