Hanna Surmatz from EFC and Max von Abendroth from DAFNE were recently interviewed on the recent publication “Enlarging the space for European Philanthropy”.

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How big is the space for philanthropy in Europe today and what can be done to protect and enlarge the space? This DAFNE/EFC jointly commissioned report by Oonagh B. Breen undertakes a scanning of the horizon of philanthropy’s operating space.

The report defines ‘the philanthropic space’, which it distinguishes from civil society space more generally, as the environment within which donors/funders and the philanthropic organisations they create, are facilitated in their use of their assets for the public benefit. It recognises that institutional philanthropy can take many different forms (both unincorporated and incorporated). Legal, fiscal and administrative obstacles may impact the “philanthropic space” and its potential to define, advocate for and achieve the public good.

The report discusses the Structural Space for Philanthropy within the EU and wider Europe. It examines what the EU Treaties/Fundamental Freedoms and European Fundamental Rights offer for philanthropy as well as the lessons learnt from previous European experiences of attempting to create supranational philanthropic structures to facilitate cross border activities.