Kone Foundation completes renovations of new headquarters ‘Lauttasaari Manor’ in Helsinki

Established in 1959, and an EFC member since 2014, the Kone Foundation, based in Helsinki, aims to award grants for academic research, with a specific focus on humanities, social sciences, environmental sciences and artistic research. They are also highly active in their efforts to find new ways to support academic research, the arts and culture.

Recently, the foundation has completed the renovations of a new premises, the Lauttasaari Manor and the Red Villa, which will serve as their new headquarters in Helsinki, and signifies a new phase in the history of the manor itself. Built in 1837, the manor will take on a new lease of life and include Café Puhuri, a science and art café, opening in the Red Villa, located in the courtyard.   

The café will serve a range of sweet and savoury foods made with locally sourced ingredients, while also housing exhibitions and events, and serving as the home for the Lauttasaari Society and the editorial staff of the local paper Lauttasaari. There is also a residence in the Villa for artists and researchers!

In addition to being a new work space, the Foundation aims to establish the Manor as the new heart of art and science in Helsinki, serving as a venue for a variety of events, concerts and exhibitions and providing a space for all to meet and interact. Contemporary art will play a big role in the programme with the manor gardens serving as a platform for public art works.

“We believe in the power of fruitful encounters and wish that the manor will serve as a platform for these fascinating, sometimes surprising interactions. Starting this fall, we welcome everyone to enjoy the interesting talks programme as well as to discuss, question and discover new ways of thinking”, describes Anna Talasniemi, the Executive Director of the foundation.

The Lauttasaari Manor is a place filled with with cultural, historical and architectural value, and with this in mind, the origins of the buildings have been preserved during the restoration of both the manor and the Red Villa, at the same time keeping in mind their new purpose.


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For more information you can contact: 

Head of Communications Heljä Franssila, Kone Foundation, helja.franssila@koneensaatio.fi, +358 44 728 9908

Communications and Event Coordinator Annaliina Niitamo, Kone Foundation,  annaliina.niitamo@koneensaatio.fi, +358 50 361 6659