Over the next ten years, the assets of around six million euros of the foundation Familie Nowak-Stiftung will be largely earmarked for projects of the Siemens Stiftung aimed at improving basic services in Africa and for selected projects as defined by the charter of Familie Nowak-Stiftung.

While searching for a suitable trustee, the attention of representatives of Familie Nowak-Stiftung was captured by the operational project work of Siemens Stiftung. Its approach of improving the basic services for people in Africa by means of simple and effective technical solutions and continuing education activities was consistent with the foundation’s purpose laid out in its charter and it impressed with the impact it has achieved so far. In particular, improving the supply of drinking water in Africa was a concern very dear to the heart of the married couple Heinz and Eleonore Nowak, who established their foundation as a trust without legal capacity.


About the Siemens Stiftung
Siemens Stiftung operates in the fields of basic services, education, and culture. As a hands-on foundation, Siemens Stiftung develops its own projects and implements them with a view to the long term. Together with its partners, the foundation aims to help people improve their living conditions. By doing so, the intention is to empower communities in which people can have a good life. Siemens Stiftung is committed to international, impact-oriented and transparent project work. The geographical focus is on regions in Africa and Latin America as well as Germany and other European countries.