The SPEAK campaign has been created in response to the current global context in which people around the world are facing increasing attacks on their basic freedoms, and a culture of division is causing many of us to turn against each other. The aim of the campaign is to build platforms to amplify the voices of ordinary people and create spaces where people can listen and learn from each other. 

The campaign officially began on Friday 22 September with a “day of silence” which saw individuals and organisations choose to silence their own voices in solidarity with those who have been silenced against their will. Then, from Saturday 23 until Monday 25 of September, the will be hundreds of events happening around the globe.

The campaign has been developed by CIVICUS, the World Alliance for Citizen Participation, as part of the Civic Space Initiative and key partners include a range of global organisations, as well as regional, national and local groups from Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America. You can read more on the CIVICUS campaign website which features  partner events, activists stories, and opportunities to get involved in the global campaign. 

CIVICUS and its partners will host a global series of SPEAK! events on a broad range of issues such as government transparency, freedom of expression, environmental and labor rights, as well as youth empowerment and citizens will work collectively on strategies to defend their basic freedoms at the events. 

For a full list of partner organisations, click here.

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