Position         :           Program Officer

Direct Report:            SNF Director of Programs

Main Characteristics of the Position:

To ensure the follow up of grant making activities including the due diligence process for pre-grant assessment, the preparation of grant proposals and recommendations for board review, and the close follow up of grants at the implementation stage.


  • Analysis  and evaluation of grant applications for internal review with local advisors in line with internal grant making policy
  • Coordination with organizations to build and document application files including project data, financial information and other mandatory information
  • Preparation of grant proposals and recommendations for the board review and preparation of grant letters
  • Regular contacts with organizations (multilanguage: English, French and Italian) to follow up on grant implementation including review of progress reports and evaluation of payment requirements
  • Preparation of Requests for Payments to be transferred to accounts department with support documents for audit review
  • Final evaluation at grant completion including review of final reports and figures as well as potential site visit
  • Data input and update of the grant management software


  • Communication and coordination with other offices program staff concerning grant making strategy, review of specific grants, preparation of common documents.
  • Communication and reports on grants to the board
  • Communication with Webmaster to feed and update website information
  • Backup of Program Head when needed

Interested applicants should submit their CVs and motivation letters to b.guilbaud@snf.org and f.gisbert@snf.org