The EFC European Environmental Funders Group has launched the data gathering for the 4th edition of its mapping of environmental funding by European foundations. This multi-year mapping is the most comprehensive study to date on the support for environmental initiatives provided by European foundations.

About the mapping
European Commissioner Vella, in his foreword to the 3rd edition of the mapping, emphasised the key role that philanthropy can play as we face today’s tremendous environmental challenges. The EFC’s mapping of the philanthropic landscape in this area has proven to be a very useful tool in helping stakeholders understand philanthropic action in the environmental field, and define strategies for future actions.

This 4th edition will aim to develop the most up-to-date understanding possible of philanthropic support for environmental initiatives provided by European foundations, with a view to:

  • Raising the profile of environmental funders and building understanding of the sector
  • Identifying gaps, to pinpoint areas in which your funding can add value
  • Designing even more effective strategies for philanthropic actions in the environmental field
  • Shaping the work of the EFC European Environmental Funders Group

With each edition the mapping creates a bigger impact, as more foundations contribute. From the first edition in 2010 onwards, a growing number of environmental funders have participated in this mapping, with a total of 75 contributors in the last edition. There is still quite a road to travel before we can get a full picture of environmental funding, but with funders’ help we can keep moving in the right direction. Have a look at the full list of participating foundations from the previous edition, to see who was already involved from your home country.

This is your chance as a foundation to help us understand philanthropic action in the environmental field even more. If you are a foundation working in the field of environment and sustainability, please share with the EFC secretariat your data on grants authorised in in this field in 2016, the deadline is 31 May!

Interested? Please contact Giulia Lombardi at for more details.