Our member, the Aga Khan Foundation, has recently announced their support of another energy line, this time in Barsem, Eastern Tajikistan. The new 13.8km line will supply sustainable energy to 174,000 people in Eastern Tajikistan, and another 32,000 in Northern Afghanistan. Not only bringing energy to homes, this will provide power for businesses, schools and healthcare centres.  

Installed by Pamir Energy, an Aga Khan Development Network project company, there was also support from the Governments of Germany, Switzerland and Tajikistan. 

The significance of this project is huge. This area in Tajikistan, Viloyati Mukhtori Kuhistoni Badakhshan (VMKB), lies in a mountainous area and is vulnerable to a variety of natural disasters including flooding, mudslides and earthquakes.  This has resulted in damaged infrastructure, interrupted power and homes being destroyed.  Considering the low quality of life in this area, this power line will be life changing. 

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