The European Foundation Centre is excited to introduce the public to the thought-provoking work of the Bodossaki Foundation. The exhibition, named “In the eye of the beholder”, will be held at Philanthropy House from the 21st of June until the end of August and it promises to be an incredibly unique opportunity for all attendees.

“In the eye of the beholder” is an exhibition of human portraits focusing on the everyday heroes involved in the EEA Grants NGO Programme for Greece entitled “We are all Citizens”. Implemented across the country between 2014-2017, with a contribution of 7,34M Euros from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, the programme has had a significant impact on the lives of more than 200,000 people. Roma schoolkids in the town of Drosero, Xanthi, in northern Greece, have been engaged in remedial teaching to cope with the challenges of their daily work at schools. Young migrants – unaccompanied refugee kids – have found a home, a shelter and a new family through these grants. Kids with cerebral palsy have found new ways of expression and integration through art. Flea market sellers and active citizens have merged in fruitful discussions regarding the evolution of the country’s constitution and active citizens’ rights in Varvakeios, the central flea market of the Athenian capital. A unique amalgam of heroes, faces, personal goals and dreams, “We are all Citizens” stresses the fact that humanity, like beauty, is indeed “in the eye of the beholder”.

About the Bodossaki Foundation

The Bodossaki Foundation was established in 1972 and is one of the most respected privately owned public-benefit organizations in Greece. It is the result of a long, strenuous and consistent effort of its founder, Prodromos Bodossakis-Athanassiadis to support the state, the society and his fellow people, as a legacy of the tradition he himself carried, together with many other Greek benefactors and representatives of the Greek diaspora. The Bodossaki Foundation is currently active in four main strategic pillars – education, health, protection of the environment and the empowerment of civil society in Greece – and is guided by the vision of enabling human and social potential for a better life.