The Rockefeller Foundation have compiled a report on which of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) people view as the most solvable and how they would be attained.

The report was compiled following an online survey conducted by over 13,000 people from 164 countries worldwide, across a span of two weeks and followed the end of Rockefeller’s #SolvableSDG campaign. The report found that respondents were most optimistic about achieving the goals related to zero hunger (20%) and eliminating poverty (17%), but least optimistic about achieving peace, justice and strong institutions (7%) and creating sustainable cities and communities (7%). 

The role of education was the means by which most respondents believed attaining the goals would be achieved, with the answers also highlighting the symbiotic relationship between many of the goals and their chances of success being interwoven. These responses reinforced the need for continued collaboration across multiples sectors and fields to achieve the SDG’s.

For more information or to view the report in-depth visit here.