Three members of the EFC, and three of the largest European foundations, have announced joint grants totaling €5 million ($5.94 million) in support of cross-border collaborations aimed at addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

The Wellcome TrustVolkswagen Stiftung, and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences) have awarded grants to six interdisciplinary research groups, with each partner directly funding two projects.

The recipients are:

Erik Berglöf at the London School of Economics, who will investigate where and how to best protect and integrate Syrian refugees;

Jenny Phillimore at the University of Birmingham, who will explore sexual and gender-based violence in the context of the refugee crisis;

Thomas Hale at the University of Oxford, who will explore how to strengthen non-state climate action in the Global South;

Anders Levermann at the Potsdam-Institut fûr Klimafolgenforschung (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research), who will study the impact of intensified weather extremes on Europe’s economy;

Till Bärnighausen at the UniveritätsKlinikum, Heidelberg (Heidelberg University Hospital), who will study the ethics of health policy experiments to develop a framework for design and oversight;

Sarah Hawkes at University College London, who will explore ways to identify and implement policy responses for improving the sexual health of migrants and refugees.

“The world is facing problems that cross borders, continents, and nationalities,” said Wellcome Trust director Jeremy Farrar. “We want our solutions to reflect the nature of these issues, and by working together across Europe and beyond we can bring a collective voice and action. Only through international partnerships such as this can we hope to create real and tangible solutions for millions of people.”

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