The umbrella body’s UK Civil Society Almanac 2015 says foundation grants to the sector were £2.5bn in 2012/13 and government grants were £2.2bn

An article from Third Sector published on the 27th July, has revealed that the value of grant funding from trusts and foundations has exceeded the value of grant funding from government sources for the first time since at least 2000, according to figures from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

The umbrella body’s UK Civil Society Almanac 2015, published last month, shows that foundation grants to the sector totalled £2.5bn in 2012/13, while government grants totalled £2.2bn.

The voluntary sector has traditionally relied more heavily on government sources for grants than on foundations. In 2011/12, the government provided £2.6bn in grants and foundations provided £2.4bn; in 2001/02, government grants totalled £5bn and foundation grants £1.6bn.

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