We are delighted to welcome new members and affiliates to the EFC! 

Calala, Spain

Mission: Calala seeks to strengthen feminist and women’s movements in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain, by mobilising funds. They support different organisations, notably those with capacity to advocate to decriminalise abortion and to stand up for sexual and reproductive rights. 

Fondation Giacometti, France 


The Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti Giacometti is dedicated to preserving and conserving its own collection (drawings, paintings, prints, plasters, bronze casts), while working to promote Giacometti’s work internationally. Its activities notably include the following:

• Presenting Alberto Giacometti’s work to the general public through monographic and thematic exhibitions and loans to museums, in France and abroad.

• Establishing a complete catalogue of the artist’s authentic works, with the result of ongoing research being progressively made available online.

• Accompanying the restoration of authentic works by the artist, thanks to the know-how and documentation of the Foundation on Alberto Giacometti’s œuvre.

• Organizing or co-organizing various cultural events (lectures and conferences).

• Publishing or contributing to publications helping to foster knowledge of Alberto Giacometti’s work.

• Providing a contemporary perspective on Giacometti, notably through contemporary art acquisitions.

• Managing rights on Giacometti’s works and writings, as well as on the artist’s personal image, notably delivering authorisations for the 5/8ths of Giacometti’s patrimonial rights held by the Foundation.

• Defending the artist’s moral rights internationally. To this end, it focuses on the monitoring of publications, exhibitions and sales relating thereto. It is involved in the seizure and destructions of counterfeits as well as the prosecution of the perpetrators.

Fondazione Caritro, Italy  

Mission: Fondazione Caritro aims to foster social and economic development of the Trentino community in the areas of scientific research, education, culture and social issues. 

Fondazione Cariverona, Italy 

Mission: Fondazione Cariverona makes contributions to charities and non-profit organisations active in the fields of scientific research, education and training, arts and culture, heritage, environment, public health and provides assistance to vulnerable groups in society. 


Fondazione Generali The Human Safety Net ONLUS, Italy  

Mission: The Human Safety Net Onlus is an accelerator that protects and supports disadvantaged people in creating opportunities that benefit themselves and the communities they live in. They do this through protecting, investing, training, and mentoring and are involved in many areas including: social, sanitary and socio-sanitary welfare, charity, education and training, cooperation in international solidarity and development, and the protection of civil rights. They also give support for scientific research of particular social interest. 


The Children’s Hospital Trust, South Africa 

Mission: The Children’s Hospital Trust South Africa is the UK fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital Trust based in Cape Town. All funds raised are directed to the relief of sickness and the promotion and protection of good health by advancing child healthcare through the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. 

The National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore 

Mission: To transform the way people think and do things through education, research and service.

The University of Cape Town, Africa 

Mission: They aim to be an inclusive, engaged and research-intensive African university that will inspire creativity through outstanding achievements in discovery and innovation. They hope to enhance lives of students and staff and advance a more equitable and sustainable social order as a  leader in the global Higher Education landscape.

The University of Oxford, UK 

Mission: The University of Oxford aims to lead the world in research and education. They seek to do this in ways which benefit society on a national and a global scale, through building on the University’s long traditions of independent scholarship and academic freedom, while fostering a culture in which innovation plays an important role.