We are delighted to welcome on board the following organisations:


Fundación Banco Santander

Fundación Banco Santander has a clear cultural, humanistic and scientific commitment. It performs its cultural sponsorship task following certain basic programming lines, amongst them to render art more accessible, to cooperate in the necessary  merging of the humanities and the sciences through multidisciplinary projects that bridge the divide between both realms, to revive legacies in the arts, literature and history and to feel the pulse of today’s society by debating on and reflecting upon the changes our society is undergoing.  A very special effort is made as regards sustainability  and the recovery of the natural heritage. It has programmes designed to help raising citizens’ awareness of the need for a more fair, equitable and sustainable society. https://www.fundacionbancosantander.com/en

Saastamoinen Foundation

Saastamoinen Foundation is a family foundation with roots deep in the Finnish forest industry. As stipulated in its rules, the purpose of the Foundation is “to promote and support the development of the Finnish economy and the use of the natural resources of our country, as well as research that is intended to develop the country’s spiritual and material life, and to maintain an art collection.” The Foundation maintains, develops and exhibits the art collection and thereby supports art and artists both in Finland and internationally. The Foundation’s art collection is permanently in display in EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Arts, and it is developed actively. The Foundation supports and awards grants to promote science and education. This it does in cooperation with, among others, the University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University, and the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Fine Arts; its highest aim is to promote international research, education and networking. http://saastamoinenfoundation.fi/en/ 



Children in Crisis

Children in Crisis (CiC), was established in the UK in 1993 through a desire to give children in some of the world’s poorest countries the education they need to help transform their lives.

It was initially established in response to the humanitarian needs of children, who were found to be suffering neglect in residential institutions and orphanages in Central and Eastern Europe. Over time, the focus of the charity moved increasingly towards providing education services and child protection for children, living through protracted crises. “Children are at the centre of everything we do. Through education, we believe that they have a fairer chance in life, and above all, it allows them to flourish as a human being and to contribute positively to their families and society.” https://www.childrenincrisis.org/