EFC and Research Forum member, Wellcome Trust, has decided to open a new office in Berlin later in 2018 in the hopes of creating more opportunities for collaboration with international partners sharing similar goals and priorities. 

As one of the leading centres for research, innovation and culture, Berlin is the perfect place to join the action and explore new ideas and partnerships. 

Germany is increasingly becoming a leader in global health and has, in recent years, doubled its spending on aid and make significant efforts such as WHO reform and tackling drug resistant infections. Much of this aligns with the work that Wellcome Trust focuses on and at present they have a number of partnerships with Germany including, ‘Together Science Can‘ and ‘The International Advisory Board for Global Health‘. 

In continuing this partnership, and their progressive work, a base in Berlin will create new chances to grow their network with other foundations and NGO’s and other players in the aim to improve health globally.