WINGS (Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support) have recently released the Global Landscape of Philanthropy Report. This report aims to give a voice to the diversity of philanthropy, recognising and identifying trends and cultural aspects that affect giving in different parts of the globe. It will also highlight the challenges that hinder a more efficient and sustainable philanthropy, offering ways to improve and build a more interconnected sector. 

In its efforts to encourage diversity in philanthropy, the report details a comprehensive  picture of the landscape. From detailing the impact of technology to the shrinking civil space and the evolving power dynamics it highlights the evolving role of philanthropy. 

While European and North American models are the most dominant, it is shown that they are in fact just one part of the picture. The complexity and multi-faceted reality of the landscape is embodied throughout this report, showing how organisations must rethink their role and the role of philanthropy in general in the face of an ever changing landscape. 

To read more, please download the report here: Global Landscape of Philanthropy Report.