The European Climate Foundation’s monitoring and evaluation journey

Posted on 17 Feb 2016 | Environment & sustainable developmentFoundations' operationsUncategorized

“Why does the European Climate Foundation (ECF) monitor and evaluate?” This was the question that started the ECF’s M&E journey.

What does it mean to be a foundation nowadays? Part I

Posted on | Foundations' operations

Part one: On diversity, adaptability and the art of acupuncture…

The investment challenges faced by small and medium-sized foundations

Posted on 3 Feb 2016 | Andrew Chapman Foundations' operations

Small and medium-sized foundations (with assets, say, below 600 million euros) face a particular set of issues in maximising their investment returns while minimising their investment risks. Three obvious difficulties come to mind…

The Commons as a path for philanthropy to catalyse system change

Posted on 28 Jan 2016 | Nicolas Krausz Heike Loeschmann Vivian Paulissen Foundations' operationsSocio-economic development, poverty

In its quest to promote deep progressive change within society, philanthropy is often blamed for addressing the symptoms rather than the roots of problems.

Towards Philanthropy 2.0

Posted on 26 Jan 2016 | Foundations' operationsUncategorized

In the current climate, crowdfunding represents a very welcome financial innovation, both for innovative companies that banks sometimes regard as too risky, and for non-profit-making enterprises and charity organisations which are having to cope with reductions in state subsidies.

The myth of free education – Why investment in private higher education is worth it

Posted on 18 Jan 2016 | Urs V. Arnold Education

Whilst academic education at private universities is recognised and has a high reputation in countries such as the United States, Great Britain or Japan the private operators in Germany permanently have to fight to justify their existence and against prejudices.

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