On Galicia’s Way of St. James: A Formula for Development via Technology Transfer

Posted on 21 March 2016 | Environment & sustainable developmentGenderHuman rights, citizenship & democracy

Galicia is a peripheral region in the north-west of Spain, a coastal area and the destination for pilgrims on the route known as the Way of Saint James. Over the past eleven centuries the route has became an important axis for trade and for the dissemination of knowledge among the pilgrims travelling it and the towns it traverses. Galicia, as many other regions in the developed world, faces three intertwined challenges: an ageing population, a high rate of unemployment (around 18 percent) and high production costs which hinder competition with other regions and Spain’s competitiveness with other countries. High unemployment is compounded by a 24 percent income gap faced by Galician women.

What does it mean to be a foundation nowadays? Part II

Posted on 14 March 2016 | Disaster reliefDiversity, migration & social inclusionFoundations' operationsGlobal challenges, peace-buildingUncategorized

Thinking about European foundations’ response to the current situation has obliged me to distil one other powerful lesson about this dynamic sector which I’d like to focus on in this blog post: that change is inevitable and that, in their own ways, European foundations are in fact quietly adept at dealing with shifting contexts.

It’s time for philanthropy to demand more evidence-informed communications

Posted on 17 February 2016 | Foundations' operations

Do you feel like your organisation’s communications efforts are too often about “sending stuff out into the ether”?

The European Climate Foundation’s monitoring and evaluation journey

Posted on | Environment & sustainable developmentFoundations' operationsUncategorized

“Why does the European Climate Foundation (ECF) monitor and evaluate?” This was the question that started the ECF’s M&E journey.

What does it mean to be a foundation nowadays? Part I

Posted on | Foundations' operations

Part one: On diversity, adaptability and the art of acupuncture…

The investment challenges faced by small and medium-sized foundations

Posted on 3 February 2016 | Andrew Chapman Foundations' operations

Small and medium-sized foundations (with assets, say, below 600 million euros) face a particular set of issues in maximising their investment returns while minimising their investment risks. Three obvious difficulties come to mind…

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