Changing the economy for a better future

Posted on 18 March 2015 | Garry Jacobs Karl Wagner Socio-economic development, poverty

After decades of remarkable economic progress, Europe is losing faith in its economic future. Are we resigning ourselves to rising levels of unemployment and inequality; the physical limits imposed by wasteful consumption of natural resources and pollution; and increasing uncertainty and economic insecurity? The vision of an increasingly united, and prosperous Europe seems to be […]

The Ukrainian Crisis: The Certainty of Answers in Place of Questions

Posted on 4 March 2015 | Avila Kilmurray Human rights, citizenship & democracy

The Ukrainian Philanthropist Forum conference held in Kyiv last week was buzzing; the Forum Director, Anna Gulenska-Chernysh, seemed to be everywhere at once.  Balancing the arrangements for hosting Ukraine First Lady, Marina Poroshenko, with greeting the many volunteer group representatives, Anna still found time to make pertinent points about the need for charity taxation reform.  […]

International Development: A View from (near) the frontline

Posted on 16 February 2015 | Ambika Satkunanathan Socio-economic development, poverty

Reflecting on the role and impact of international development invariably requires grappling with a number of somewhat thorny questions; some old, some new. The question I consider here relates to equality and power disparity. In particular, whether power disparity exists between the funder and grantee, and if so how this inequality can be tackled. Power […]

Acknowledge the power imbalances and act!

Posted on 14 January 2015 | Jenny Hodgson Socio-economic development, poverty

As the United Nations prepares to release a new set of Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, which will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), it is perhaps a good time to reflect on the current architecture of the international development sector. The good news is that, according to United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, the […]

Trafficking in Human Beings – A priority, or not so much? A reality check !

Posted on 1 December 2014 | Johan Debuf Human rights, citizenship & democracy

A sample of prostitution victims: ‘Iris’ was locked up in her apartment, burned on the arm with the tip of a knife, heated on a gas fire, and calls for help but is too afraid of her pimp to openly accuse him … ‘Claudia’, who worked as a window prostitute for 3 years, sends all […]

Will the EU and its Member States support foundations?

Posted on 18 November 2014 | Gerry Salole Foundations' operationsUncategorized

Our organisations, the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) representing together over 7,000 foundations, would like to call your attention to the proposed EU regulation on the European Foundation (FE), and the critical role of all EU Members States in finalising the negotiations towards its adoption by the […]

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