Created as an NGO on 2nd of April 2015 to support organisations working around the Abraham Pathway.

The Abraham Path is a cultural walking route that retraces the journey of Abraham, the legendary ancestor of over half of humanity, who is known for his hospitality and kindness toward strangers.
As a European NGO based in the Netherlands, Stichting Abraham Path Initiative (API) is an independent NGO committed to cultivating Abraham Path along with partner organizations. The initiative is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization, and works in partnership with the US based 501(c)3 NGO Abraham Path Initiative
The mission of the Stichting Abraham Path Initiative is to inspire understanding, prosperity and hope throughout the Middle East and Europe. They support local partners in developing the Abraham Path as: - a catalyst for socioeconomic development and sustainable tourism. - a place of meeting and connection between people from the Middle East and people around the world. - a creative space for stories that highlight the unique culture, heritage and hospitality of the region.
Geographic focus
Middle-East, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Egypt
Programme areas
The foundation was created in 2015 to support partners in developing the Abraham Path, through the following methods:
- Education and exchange
- Promoting walking/travelling the path
- Developping work and infrastructure on the Abraham Path
- Providing direct grants to local partners
- Connecting local partners through third party grants
- Providing consultation regarding the route and hospitality services
- Providing technical assistance and training to partners
- Creating practical hiker resources
- Coordinating an international network of partners and friends